Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Great Provider

Who is your provider in life? God is my provider. He has proven to me over and over that He WILL provide for me no matter how financially stressed I am. This week was a perfect example.

It is not easy trusting that God will provide. I have been in these situations way too many times and it is hard for me to know and trust that God will provide. But...he ALWAYS comes through. He IS looking out for us, even when we don't see it. Then one day, things just start happening that you never expected and your eyes have been opened once again to how AMAZING God truly is. He is constantly reminding me of that day in and day out in various ways.

The first thing that happened this week was that my pay check from work was about $100 more than I expected. I try to figure out my paycheck based on the hours I work etc. and I generally shoot lower than it will be because I don't want to over budget and then not have enough money, but I definately wasn't expecting my check to be $100more than I budgeted. Then I was talking to a teacher at school and just explaining my tough financial situation. Later that day she handed me a miniature stocking and said we had some leftover items from the giving tree and this is for you. I looked at it after I left her room and it was a $25 money order. Total God thing. I didn't expect that at all.

Later in the week I was babysitting for a family that I babysit on a regular basis and they themselves are struggling financially. They told me not to worry about getting them or their kids anything, which is really hard for me but I had to draw the line and do just family this year, and my boyfriend of course! But that was it. I love to give so this was very very hard for me. I told them also, not to worry about getting me anything. Well, at the end of the evening, the mom gave me a check and said part of it was for babysitting that night and the rest was a little "end of the year Christmas bonus. I was shocked. Again, totally a God thing.

The last thing that happened this week was that I got a call on Friday night to babysit on Saturday night. Totally a last minute thing but totally a God thing. So of course I take the job. Then the next morning the mom texts me and asks me if I have any friends that would be available for the two neighbor kids. I tried and the 3 main people that babysit couldnt do it. So the mom called and asked if I would be willing to babysit all three kids at one house. I said, "Absolutely." God was totally watching out for me this week. I can't even believe it. Actually, I can because these sort of things have happened before.

Then I find out on Sunday that all the kids that I work with at Huntington have decided to take a break from their tutoring this week. I was bummed because that means no income for me from school or Huntington this week. Of course I think, "Gee great, now what am I going to do?" Well, God knows. I was at small group last night and was talking to one of the ladies and she was saying how their babysitter couldn't take their child Monday and asked if I would want to watch her...again my response was, "Absolutely!" I love this little 9 mo. old girl. She is seriously one of the cutest babies I know. So I got to watch her Monday and it was a great start to my first week off. I get such joy out of playing with kids. It is so much fun.

All the glory goes to God for these situations. It was very apparent that God was in all of this. Lord, Thank you for providing for me this week and showing me once again that you are my great provider and you will always be my great provider. I pray Lord for all those people out there who are struggling financially, that you would physically show them Lord that you are their provider as well. That you will take care of them and provide. It may not be immediately because sometimes we have to learn certain lessons or truly surrender to you before you physically show us something but regardless of how you do it, you do provide and I thank you for that.

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